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MetroSolar | New York's Premier 3M Window Film Dealer

Sunlight. It brightens our lives.
It warms the earth and lifts our spirits..

Unfortunately, the sun’s harmful UV rays can damage our furnishings. Windows not only allow the sun’s damaging rays to fade our fine art and furnishing, they decrease the energy-efficiency of our homes. They can also leave us exposed to safety/security issues.

There is a solution – a better way.

3M™ residential and commercial window film products help reduce fading, reduce glare, improve energy efficiency, provide privacy, and increase safety and security. The superior performance of 3M Prestige Series™ window films provides excellent sun control benefits while barely reducing visible light. Interior work space and personal privacy can be managed using 3M Fasara™ decorative translucent window film and other decorative and custom designed film products.

3M™ Prestige Series Window Film

  • MetroSolar is the largest 3M Authorized Window Film Dealer in the Metropolitan New York, Long Island and the Tri-State Areas – 3M Prestige Films, Sun Control Films, Security Films, and Fasara Decorative Films.