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Turn ordinary windows into high-security barriers

How safe are the windows in your building? Could they withstand the blast from a nearby explosion? What about the effects of hurricane force winds, blowing debris and other forms of destructive weather? Whether the threat is man-made or natural, glazed surfaces are the points of greatest vulnerability for a building. In fact, flying shards of glass are the number one cause of injury resulting from explosion. The answer is MetroSolar and Scotchshield™ Ultra Safety & Security window films from 3M.

Private corporations and government agencies around the world protect their buildings from natural disasters and the threat of terrorism with 3M Scotchshield films. Clear and unobtrusive, these films prevent glass from shattering and compromising the safety of those within.

We’ve installed 3M Ultra Series Safety & Security films at the Federal Reserve Bank of NY, Marriott Marquis, JPMorgan Chase, Blackrock Financial and more!
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Ultra Series Safety & Security Films

Ultra Series Safety & Security films use multiple laminated layers of microthin polyester for a transparent film with superior tensile strength and an enhanced ability to absorb shock. Tested against a wide variety of close-range explosive charges, Ultra has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to prevent glass from shattering, even when blown clear of its frame. A single sheet of film is strong enough to support a grown man, and their resistance to penetration and tearing make them ideal deterrents to vandalism and theft. Compliant with the 1996 BOCA National Building Codes as a safety glazing material, Ultra is manufactured in an ISO 9002 facility and protected by the industry’s best warranty.

Of course the greatest security comes from the best installation. MetroSolar is the New York area’s most experienced dealer and installer of 3M Window Film Products. A MetroSolar application is guaranteed to be beautiful, undetectable and trouble free. And it pays other dividends, too. Ultra Prestige blocks out 99% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays and can help reduce solar heat gain to cut air conditioning costs. So there really is no excuse for not protecting your building and those inside with 3M Ultra Series Safety & Security films.

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