Our writable wall coverings create a non-ghosting dry-erase wall covering. Your entire wall becomes writable.

Within the writable surface is a custom printed mural graphic.

Our writable wall coverings turn any wall into a branding center for collaboration. It lets teams work together encouraging communication and creativity.

This patented technology redefines what a writable surface should be.

Non-ghosting technology

Our writable wall coverings are truly non-ghosting. We guarantee that it wipes clean, leaving no staining or shadowing on the wall.

Remove even permanent marker month later with a spray of alcohol solutions leaving no trace.

Our writable wall coverings put the erase back into dry-erase!

We back out product with a 5-year non-ghosting guarantee.

Fully Customizable graphic layer

Customize the graphic to fit your space’s brand, theme or color.

The experimental interaction of writing without size restriction inspires creativity, productivity, collaboration and teamwork.

We have a selection of over 150 designs or you can provide your own artwork.

Commercial Grade quality

Our writable wall coverings are durable and suitable for busy areas and long-term frequent use.

Choose from two options for the backing

Type II, which applies with wallpaper paste just like regular wall coverings, and adhesive backed, which applies directly to the wall for easy installation.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

To clean our writable wall coverings, just wiping the marker off with a microfiber cloth.

If a large area with. a lot of writing needs to be cleared, a quick spray of rubbing alcohol solution will make cleaning even the entire wall fast and easy.

Freedom without size restrictions

Cover and space – from floor to ceilings, wall to wall