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Using decorative window films to achieve a variety of design elements in offices as well as residential settings has become increasingly popular

• Office Privacy
• Residential Privacy
• Distraction Markings for Safety
• Conference Rooms and Entry Glass

The use of glass walls and partitions to create an open airy feeling in corporate offices is standard today. Still, the need for privacy remains. Decorative window film is the solution – an easier and more elegant alternative for providing as much privacy as desired while retaining an open, airy feeling and with an aesthetically pleasing result.

Many clients have entrusted MetroSolar to install Decorative Window Films to enhance their commercial and residential living space, including Steve Madden’s NY Showroom, Parsons Brinkerfoff, Moet Hennessey, NBA, Discovery Communications, NY Marriott, NY Sheraton, and others!
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3M Fasara™ Decorative Window Films

3M Fasara™ Decorative Window Films, and other decorative stock and custom-designed films provided unlimited choices. They are far more user-friendly and cost effective than sandblasted glass. Stock films can be installed in countless ways. Custom films can be printed, cut and designed so that every project is unique and distinctive.

Distraction markings, part of the NYC code for safety in commercial settings, consist of two lines of film, strategically located for safety. They can be as simple as a plain strip, as interesting as geometrically designed shapes or as complex as incorporating a company logo with additional design elements.

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3M™ sun control window film • Prestige series window film • Fasara™ decorative/privacy window film • Scotchshield™ security/safety window film • Solar shades