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Below are some of the more frequently asked questions during our nearly 40 years of serving the New York tristate area’s business and residential customers, architects and designers.

What are the benefits of installing 3M window film?

A: Benefits may include any one or combination of the following:

1.) Fade protection – preserve art, furniture, rugs, wood floors, cabinetry
2.) Heat reduction – reduce energy costs
3.) Glare reduction – better visibility when using computers and watching television, etc.
4.) Safety/Security – protection against harm caused by break-ins, explosions, weather
5.) Privacy – decorative solutions for commercial and residential spaces
6.) Skin cancer protection

Will window film alter my view or change the appearance of my interior surroundings?

A: Many window films, the 3M Prestige Series in particular, will provide superior performance with virtually no change in the light. If glare reduction is desired, a tinted film is required (giving your window sunglasses). However, the change in appearance is minimal in comparison to the benefits that will result.

Will my windows appear mirror like if I use window film?

A: The reflective high performance films, that provide maximum heat reduction are most often used in commercial buildings.

How is window film installed?

A: The glass is scraped and thoroughly cleaned with a solution of water and a mild detergent. The film is cut to a size a bit larger than the glass. It is then applied using the same solution. Excess water is squeegeed out and the film is then trimmed close to, but not touching the frame. Although not usually needed, drop cloths are often used to absorb any excess water.

Will Low E windows, UV rated windows, or factory tinted windows solve solar problems?

A: Low E windows help retain heat in the winter. They will provide only minimal savings in the summer. UV rated windows do provide good UV reduction, but do little in terms of energy saving and fade protection. Fading is also influenced by infrared heat and visible light, which UV windows do not affect. Factory tinting will provide some heat and glare reduction, but window films do a much better overall job of fade protection and heat reduction.

How do I wash my windows?

A: 3M is the only company that allows the use of any product, ammoniated products included, to be used to wash the windows. It is recommended that they not be washed for 30 days after installation.

Is there anything that can harm the window film?

A: A sharp object, tape or paint.

Does window film peel or bubble?

A: Peeling is almost always a result of a person picking at it. Bubbling is rare, but is covered by warranty.

Can window film be removed?

A: Yes – window film is removed using the same mild soap solution used to install and a scraper blade.