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Sun Control Window Films

Sun control window films are typically intended to reduce detrimental aspects of the sun’s radiation.  Reducing these aspects will result in a number of benefits. Depending on the film chosen, one or more of these benefits can be realized with a single window film product. Most 3M window films will not change the appearance of the windows – and when window film has been installed on all windows of a particular room, it’s nearly impossible to tell that it’s there.

Benefits include:

• Improve comfort
• Improve daytime privacy
• Help protect from fading
• Reduce cooling costs
• Reduce heating costs
• Reduction of sun glare without darkening the room

3M Prestige Series

Provides excellent performance in all areas. The film is manufactured using a 3M-patented technology to produce very light window films that are free from any metal, yet able to reduce the transmitted infrared energy by over 97%. This provides excellent fade protection and heat load reduction for a very light, non-reflective film. The Prestige Series also offers reduced interior reflection. The Prestige Series contains PR 40, PR 50, PR 60 and PR-70.  It also contains PR 40, PR 70 and PR 90 in exterior rated films and PR 50 and PR 70 in safety and security rated films.

3M Night Vision Series

Provides excellent performance in all areas. It is formulated to reduce interior reflection from the surface of the glass, thereby allowing better visibility to the outside after dark. The Night Vision Series contains NV 15, NV 25 and NV 35.  NV 25 is also available as a security rated film.

Traditional Series

Contains a number of neutral films with excellent performance, including an all season film and  P-18 High Performance Silver — the first window film ever patented by 3M in 1965, and still the best for heat reduction. The Classic Series contains Affinity 15 and 30, Silver P-18, Neutral 20, 35, 50 and 70, and Amber 35 low E.

3M™ sun control window film • Prestige series window film • Fasara™ decorative/privacy window film • Scotchshield™ security/safety window film • Solar shades