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Protection and performance for your valuable properties

Whether a space is retail, commercial, or industrial, your existing windows can be greatly improved and provide many benefits with the addition of 3M window film. A single film type can provide energy-savings, help reduce fading and glare, and provide safety & security solutions.

3M Window Film Benefits:

• Reduce energy costs – yielding savings that will last for years
• Reduce glare – resulting in increased employee productivity
• Reduce fading – resulting in greater protection of furniture, carpets, and artwork
• Provide safety and security – protecting occupants and possessions from injury and loss
• Provide daytime privacy as well as a more uniform look from the outside

MetroSolar is the sole source provider and installer of 3M window film for The Whitney, MOMA, NY Marriott Marquis, Mont Blanc, 750 Third Avenue.
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3M Prestige Series Films


High performance Prestige sun control films are ideal for storefronts, museums, offices and other commercial environments requiring fade and heat reduction. Spaces are brighter because of reduced glare, which also enhances the building’s exterior beauty. Prestige films are also available in a security film and an exterior film that incorporates many of the sun control benefits.

3M Night Vision and Affinity Films


The efficiencies that result from using Night Vision and Affinity window films are significant for companies. In addition to providing many of the sun control film benefits, these films offer daytime privacy which can result in a more uniform exterior appearance. Reducing glare makes working on computers more comfortable. Heat reduction can be significant and cost-saving.

3M Safety and Security Films


Protect your building and those inside. Whether the threat is man-made or natural, glazed surfaces are points of greatest vulnerability for a building. The new 3M Ultra Safety and Security window films use an exclusive multi-layer technology that results in a thinner material that provides the same protection as a thicker material. The benefit is greater clarity and visibility.


3M Fasara Decorative Films


Create the illusion of etched, treated or textured glass in retail, commercial and residential spaces with decorative films like 3M’s Fasara ™. Cost-effectively customize privacy while preserving natural light and maintaining an open feel, even in confined spaces. Available in over 50 patterns, Fasara can be used alone or layered for limitless design possibilities.

3M™ sun control window film • Prestige series window film • Fasara™ decorative/privacy window film • Scotchshield™ security/safety window film • Solar shades