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Make your home a more comfortable and safer place to live

Imagine a better window – one that would allow the beauty of the sun to shine through while helping protect your valuable furnishings and artwork from fading. That same window would also improve your home’s energy efficiency and provide security solutions. In addition, every 3M film provides over 99% UV reduction, giving the Skin Cancer Foundation a reason to recommend 3M films. Imagine all of this and a better view of the outside.

• Reduce Fading
• Reduce Summer Heat
• Reduce Glare
• Safety and Security
• Skin Protection
• Daytime Privacy

You can have these windows for your home… without having to replace your existing ones! An undetectable window film installation by MetroSolar will add beauty, comfort, energy efficiency, and security to your home. Leading designers and architects recommend 3M window films and MetroSolar for their most discriminating projects. Museums use 3M window films and MetroSolar to protect their collections. Does your home deserve any less?

MetroSolar has installed 3M window films in the homes of Henry Kissinger, Ronald Lauder, Itzhak, Perlman, Joel Gray,  Mary Tyler Moore.
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3M Prestige Series Films


Let the beauty of the sun shine in. High performance Prestige sun control window films are ideal for any room in your home where furniture, artwork and other possessions could be damaged from those harmful UV rays that cause fading. Prestige films are energy-efficient, reducing summer air conditioning costs. 3M offers a Prestige safety and security film that incorporates many of the sun control benefits while protecting you against destructive weather, accidents and home intrusions.

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3M Night Vision and Affinity Films


The increased comfort and cost-savings offered by Night Vision and Affinity window films can be significant for homeowners. Designed with low interior reflectivity and higher exterior reflectivity means you can enjoy enhanced privacy both day and night. By reducing glare watching TV, reading or working on a computer is more relaxing and with less eye discomfort.

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3M Safety and Security Films


Safety and security films protect your home and family from threats such as break-ins and other natural and man-made events. They are designed to hold the glass fragments together, reducing potential injury from flying glass. The NEW 3M Ultra Safety and Security window films use an exclusive multi-layer technology that results in a thinner material that provides the same protection as a thicker material. The benefit is greater clarity and visibility.

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